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Collection of personal information, purpose of use, provided to a third party

The Company, the personal information each collection purpose (provision of prompt and accurate service, billing, etc.) is collected only to the extent necessary to, we shall use. Also, if you get provide personal information on customers to explicitly in advance that purpose, it shall be asked to agree to the customers. The Company, when there is consent of the specific conditions (customers, when required by law, if it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, to promote the improvement or healthy growth of children and public health If there is particularly necessary, cooperation to the country of institutions or local governments, emergency contact to the customer, when it is used in our internal, except) when there are other legitimate reasons, advance your prior consent Do not get, it does not provide your personal information to third parties. We in the dispatch of mail, such as confirmation of registration to various products and services, as long as such a part of the business and information processing, you may want to deposit to other companies under our control.

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