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Q1.What is the "Active Pulsar" ?
A.Sulfation(Crystallization of lead sulfate) attached to the electrode of the battery will prevent the current becomes a resistor. From the tip of its sulfation, by applying a special current, discharge continuously raised such as thunder, go decomposed into fine particles gradually crystals of lead sulfate without damaging the tip end of the electrode plate from the surface It is a device. Decomposed sulfation will be back to the original and blend into the inside of the battery fluid by charging.
Q2.What is the effect on the battery by an active pulsar?
A.Period of use of the battery is extended. Plate of the battery electricity will flow easy state, because it is close to as good as new state.
Q3.What is the battery life extension of the technology has been around when discovered?
A.It is I am beginning to have been developed in the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Stennis Space Center in the 1990s. Then, the US military used for military purposes, it is diverted to private, use a high-frequency pulse, and directly below it so as to act on only during charging. Since originally developed to forcibly stripped sulfation of the electrode plate, there was a problem in terms and price surface that damage to the plate.
Q4.Active or pulsar is the electrode also as new to be?
A.No, you can not. It is a device to remove the sulfation attached to the electrode. It is not intended to be a new plate itself.
Q5.Does it have any effect even if the battery is damaged?
A.No. Active pulsar is not a device to repair the damage of the electrode.
Q6.What will happen to the sulfation that has been removed by the active pulsar?
A.To return to the battery fluid by charging. By lead sulfate is to be charged, will return to the chemical reaction caused source of dilute sulfuric acid (electrolytic solution).
Q7.Or energy-saving effect there will by active pulsar?
A.There. In the car, which reduces the burden of the alternator the better the engine start by charging effect of battery is good, the result will lead to the reduction of fuel.
Q8.There are things you have heard the story of similar products, What is the difference?
A.Third-party products is moving in the operating or stop one of the 2-choice, but active pulsar because it operates in four modes, depending on the charge rate, removal speed of sulfation is overwhelmingly fast. In addition, the operating power will reduce the consumption of low for the battery as compared to the other products.
Q9.What is the power of active pulsar?
A.It uses the battery of the vehicle to attach the active pulsar as a power source. LED lamp blinks during operation, it will be able to determine the state of the battery by its color.
Q10.What is waterproof active pulsar?
A.Active pulsar is already waterproof.
Q11.The heat resistance temperature of the active pulsar?
A.-30 Is ° C ~ 85 ° C.
Q12.What is the warranty period of active pulsar?
A.1 year guarantee of the manufacturer is attached. However, it is not a battery body of the guarantee.
Q13.What happens when attaching the active pulsar specific gravity?
A.The better. Specific gravity values are intended to measure the concentration of the dilute sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. Sulfation Mare硫 acid concentration becomes thin if occurs, specific gravity value will decrease. Active pulsar decomposes this sulfation in particulate, it will return in the liquid by charging. Therefore dilute sulfuric acid concentration is restored, it is the translation that that specific gravity is well been improved.
Q14.The useful life of active pulsar?
A.It depends on the use environment, but it is about 10 years. All used parts we are IC.
Q15.Or installation is easy of active pulsar?
A.Easy. The wiring of the red coming out from the body to the battery positive (+), the wiring of the black minus - I only want to connect to (). Then it will fix the active pulsar body. In that case, loosen the nut should be securely tightened.
Q16.After active pulsar installed, do you say to Transfer the active pulsar in the other car Once the battery state is getting better?
A.No. If you accidentally disconnect active pulsar, sulfation occurs again. Please use as it is to continue.
Q17.Do you cause sulfation phenomenon even remove the battery from the car body?
A.Okay. The battery is to self-discharge even alone. (Natural person of discharge is remarkable generation of sulfation)
Q18.Or it is effective and that the active pulsar when attaching?
A.When I Omoita~tsu, it is better, which is attached as soon as possible. Effect exerted island secondhand battery in use, but the battery will give the highest effect when it is attached to one of the new. Plate It is the pain is less about effective of. So it is recommended to be mounted as soon as possible.
Q19.Do you have any effect if it is installed with a new battery?
A.Okay. There. The battery, which is mainly sold in the shop there are the first from the battery fluid thing injection already. In the case of long-term stock, etc., lead sulfate is already deposited by self-discharge. In Rukoto mounting an active pulsar, lead sulfate is decomposed, and enables long-term use.
Q20.By mounting an active pulsar, How long do you effect appears?
A.As early as I get the effect in about two weeks. Period until the effect appears will vary depending on the state of the battery, but the reports from customers and he has effect in two weeks to one month. In the case of a large capacity battery, such as electric forklift, you may take up to 1-2 months to effect comes out.
Q21.Or effect there is also the active pulsar battery that caused the battery up?
A.There. However, the number of times that caused the battery up, age, by using state might unrecoverable. Please judge whether it is better that you replace the battery in the measurement results, such as CCA tester. Battery rise will vary in how to ride a car. Short six months in humans (collection and delivery vehicles, etc.), there are people who are riding without replacing the battery more than four years in a long human. It position is that the way of day-to-day operation is involved. (However, the battery inside the sulfation is in progress) If you install an active pulsar, you can always keep the battery of the state, such as the new.
Q22.Can I use how much battery When you put an active pulsar?
A.Original battery (JIS standard) is designed to have 10 years. By mounting at an early stage with a new battery (JIS standard), and close to the life of the infinitely battery. However, due to vehicle use environment, the collapse of the electrode plate, use period if the occurrence is falling off, etc. of separate will be shorter.
Q23.Whether the voltage is kept of the battery by attaching the active pulsar?
A.Okay. You can be the voltage of the battery in as new. Voltage of the battery is a normal state of charge, we can supply the normal voltage at the time of the fully charged state. Active pulsar is a device that can encourage you to keep to normal charge capacity. * For example, it will the charge capacity of the battery is 100. As the years went by, we will continue to gradually decrease the capacity of 90,80 ... by sulfation. Some battery being charged 100% usage of individual cars, there is also a battery that only 50% has not been charged. Therefore, when considering the voltage, charging capacity and charging rate can be a problem. Active pulsar improves the charging capacity to a normal state, but the charge rate is the responsibility of the person who is using the car. Please understand this point well.
Q24.Car parts also do going to prolong life?
A.Okay.And it allows stable electrical supply by attaching the active pulser. Therefore, the engine startability is improved, stable operation of the electric component is maintained, and long-lasting components becomes less load on the generator or the like.
Q25.Active pulsar is not be installed only in the car?
A.No. Active pulsar is usually golf carts and electric wheelchair in addition to passenger cars, offers a wide range of use in lead battery of all, such as construction machinery and ships.
Q26.Is active pulsar is made in Japan?
A.Yes, it is made in Japan.
Q27.The patent for the active pulsar technology?
A.Patent is acquired.
Q28.How you can not know the method of attachment?
A.Please read the instruction manual of the active pulsar.
1. Note If you are installing on the side of the battery
◎Please remove well the oil of the battery side of attaching the active pulsar.
2. If you are installing in a place other than the battery When the cover is covered overhanging the battery
◎Please be attached to the vehicle body. Please be attached to the place where it does not have a fever.
◎Please be active pulsar is fixed so as not to fall off in the vibration.
※Note) when it is installed, bolt should be securely tightened. When loose, take the engine to or worse
※Note) enough to wearing the active pulsar by sulfation of the inside of the battery has been removed because the capacity of the battery is increased (recovered) charge can cause the battery up and not done. If day-to-day running distance is short, it is easier to cause the battery rise for charging shortage. I'd like a full charge if necessary charging performs the inspection of once a month.
Q29.As any chance of short measures, or will the have been incorporated such as a fuse?
A.Okay.It is a built-in already.
Q30.Do you also compatible with maintenance-free type of battery that does not put the liquid?
A.If lead-acid batteries, "replenishment type" also can also be used to "type that does not put the solution".
Q31.Do you also support the hybrid battery?
A.The hybrid car such as the Toyota Prius made is equipped with nickel-metal hydride battery or a lithium-ion battery as the main battery, but there is also the model which is equipped with a lead battery as a sub-battery. Active pulsar because it is effective only to the lead battery, if you can attach to here is reduced load on the main battery, it can get the effect of such further fuel efficiency can be improved.
Q32.It was replaced with a new battery (about 1 months). Is it possible to return to the start-up state immediately after the exchange?
A.Battery is already sulfation phenomenon occurs from the initial charging date (factory ship date). Even when are standing period from initial charge date with the new article, the time for battery purchase adhesion amount of sulfation is large, let's choose the one young initial charge month. Active pulsar I obtained the effect because the removal and prevention of sulfation. It is thought to be fast and since I was about 2-4 weeks so that gradually can experience.


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