Mechanism of battery degradation and playback-life extension of

80% of the causes of deterioration, because the cover is an electrode plate crystals of lead sulfate.

When the crystallization of lead sulfate begins
1.Lead sulfate is attached to the electrode plate, the surface area is reduced

2.Less likely to conduct electricity (internal resistance increase), and wasting unnecessary power

3.In order to change to lead sulfate, battery acid (dilute sulfuric acid) is reduced

4.At the same time because the water is produced, battery acid (dilute sulfuric acid) is reduced

Will not be charged, it will be failure and life!

With the introduction of Active Pulsar ...

Active Pulsar is to be to resonate special pulse and increases the degradation rate of lead sulfate crystallized.

When installing the Active Pulsar
1.It decomposes the lead sulfate of the electrode plate crystal, and supply sufficient charge

2.The internal resistance to reduce, improve fuel efficiency and energy-saving

3.Battery liquid (dilute sulfuric acid) diluted to prevent the reduction, to extend the life

It becomes the battery performance recovery and survival of!

Effect of Active Pulsar

Attach an Active Pulsar in automotive batteries, I was shooting the state after when mounted and 4th. As you can see, it is four days later you can see that you're missing a crystal of lead sulfate.
In this way, Active Pulsar the effect appears immediately.

※Battery status, temperature, the time of the due usage until the effect appears there is a difference

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